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Top Picks: Prepared Meal Delivery Services to Take the Stress out of Eating Healthy

When people come in struggling to manage pain or stress one of the biggest aggravating factors is their diet. I strongly encourage a Paleo/Whole30 compliant diet and follow one myself about 90%. For those who struggle with chronic inflammation, paleo is gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free which are inflammatory contributors. AIP (autoimmune protocol) takes paleo one step further by eliminating eggs, nightshades, nuts, seeds. Whole30 restricts all sweeteners.

These are my top picks for paleo/anti-inflammatory nutrition for those who have busy schedules and home cooking is an added stressor. They are even TCM compliant if you limit salad options (cold/raw foods)! I know these may not be perfect, i.e. please always remember to reheat on non-plastic dishware... but I hope it offers people a good place to start eating more balanced, regularly scheduled meals.

Have you tried any of these services - what did you think?

Any there others you’d like to share?



Eat Clean


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