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Check out our monthly group sound bath events and classes on Jade Goddess Qigong, Body Literacy & Womb Wisdom, and Vocal Alchemy. Text (323) 546-9635 or email to sign-up or learn more!

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In this body literacy series, you will "learn to read the language of your body." You'll build an intellectual understanding of your hormonal cycles by learning anatomy and physiology and how to observe, chart, and interpret your ovulatory signs and menstrual patterns. Focusing on Conscious Contraception, you will learn how to use the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM), a practice with an effectiveness of *98.4% typical use (99.6% perfect use) to naturally avoid pregnancy.


Contraception is a two-way exchange, all parties have the privilege of choosing what and what not to create out of intimacy.  For too long, women + birthing people have held the sole responsibility of managing birth control using a variety of pharmaceutical agents, inserts, chemical shots and surgery.  It's time to change the narrative. Sexual partners are welcomed and encouraged to learn about their role in the fertility lifecycle.



In the Conscious Conception series we will focus on the full spectrum of fertility, from establishing a fertile body and and womb for preconception to postpartum transitioning back to your monthly cycles. We will cover: 

  • Regulating hormones and overall health promotion: recognize patterns of health and imbalance in your body that may be causing issues like PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, migraines, irregular periods and enable treating imbalances at the root.

  • Transitioning off of hormonal birth control: supporting the return of your natural menstrual and hormonal cycles and addressing any imbalances that may have been obscured by hormone medication.

  • Optimizing conception: clearly recognize your body's fertile/non-fertile days of your cycle, secondary signs of fertility, and how to optimize your body and timing of conception.

  • Postpartum transitioning from breastfeeding (lactational amenorrhea) to your returning cycles.

What's Included:

In both series, we will cover the foundations of anatomy & cycle physiology and how to use a menstrual cycle mapping practice to support you throughout all life stages.


The complete class series includes:

  • A free 200-page spiral-bound Journal & Cycle Mapping Guide with all of the class material in full-color, blank charts for mapping your cycles, embodiment practices including meditation and qigong exercises, and blank pages for journaling your experience and note-taking during class. 

  • A basal body thermometer to make tracking your daily basal temperatures as effortless as possible.

  • Three x 1:1 chart review and coaching sessions and ongoing text support.

  • Access to 4 x weekly 1.5 hour Zoom class meetings and recorded videos so that you can refer back to class video material or move at your own pace.

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Your words carry vibration and energy. By reaffirming a positive statement that states what is underneath the limited belief or negative thought, you in essence begin to change your neuro-programs and the energy and vibration becomes a reflection of the new thought.


In this class series, we introduce a daily mantra practice along with vocal alchemy and embodiment exercises. This works to shift patterns that are holding us back and invite new opportunities and habits into our lives.

The series is taught over 42 days, a timeframe supportive of shifting old and imprinting new beliefs. It includes six weekly 1:1 coaching sessions either virtually or in-person to support your journey.



Join me for morning qigong practice to start your day off with some gentle breathwork and movement. I will be available for online classes Mon-Fri from 8:00-8:30 AM. Check the schedule for currently scheduled group classes (text to request new times). The practice is focused on cultivating Yin energy and is excellent for supporting women's health, though all are welcome!

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Meeting ID: 323 546 9635

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