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Fertility Monitoring: Inito Hormone Testing Device

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Inito Fertility Monitor

Inito is the only fertility monitor that measures all 4 hormones - FSH, LH, E2, PdG - on a single test strip, showing you a full picture of your cycles with results unique to your body. Predict and confirm your ovulation with actual data. Unlike most ovulation tests that only give you "yes/no" results, Inito provides real numerical values of your fertility hormones.

I'm a huge fan of this fertility monitoring device because it provides valuable insight into your hormonal health in its current state, as well as trends over time. In my experience, identifying ovulation with LH surge and confirming ovulation with PdG rise is simplified. Combined with body literacy, it's by far the best method I've found for identifying the fertile window and ovulation, whether you are TTC or TTA.

Use my link and discount code: RUTH15 for 15% off the purchase of your Inito Starter Kit, regularly $149. It is also FSA/HSA eligible.

I keep the test strips in stock in the office and discount them to keep your costs down. Let me know if you need some!

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