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/ˈvībrənt/ adjective
full of energy and enthusiasm

(of color) bright and striking

(of sound) strong or resonating

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Welcome to Vibrant Acupuncture & Sound!


I'm Ruth, an Acupuncturist and classical Chinese Medicine practitioner trained in sound therapy, tai chi, fertility awareness methods, and health coaching. I love combining acupuncture with sound, using the dynamic healing vibrations of the voice, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, flutes, chimes, strings, and percussion to create an immersive healing experience that opens, clears, and restores harmony to the body, nervous system, and mind.

As a practitioner, I hold dearly what traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) embraces as a truth: that we all embody Yin AND Yang to infinite degrees — in our sexuality, bodies, genders, self-expression, relationships, and so on. This, to me, represents the ultimate embodiment of inclusivity and reflects how I wish to connect with the community through this sacred medicine.

As a fertility awareness & sexual health educator, I offer a full spectrum of women's health medicine, supporting women through all cycles of life. I am passionate about helping women build an intellectual understanding of their hormonal cycles by educating them on anatomy and physiology and how to observe, chart, and interpret their ovulatory menstrual cycles. This practice has many applications. Primarily it is used as a way to support conscious contraception, optimize conditions for conception and pregnancy, or identify hormonal imbalances and bring them into balance and attunement.

Now more than ever, our reproductive rights are being challenged. That makes it more important than ever that we understand our reproductive choices in the context of "pro-choice." At the root of pro-choice is informed choice. How can we be fully informed if we are not literate in how our choices affect our bodies; informed to make decisions about what is uniquely best for our individual bodies? The answer is body literacy.


I'm talking about knowing when we ovulate, because as women with a uterus and ovaries, our bodies are designed to ovulate during our reproductive years. On average, that's about 450 cycles in our lifetime! It is also a fact that we are NOT FERTILE EVERYDAY OF OUR CYCLES. In fact, we are only fertile during a window of a1/3-1/4 of each cycle, only around the event of ovulation. That said, just because we ovulate doesn't mean that we will ever have to experience pregnancy unless we choose to. The sooner we embrace our ovulating bodies and the hormones that drive it, the sooner we can work WITH our bodies to achieve our health goals rather than against them.

It is only with body literacy that we are empowered to make informed decisions that truly honor "my body, my choice." If this philosophy resonates with you, I look forward to working with you!


Now, take a moment to sync your breath with the seasons -- breathe in for Spring, hold for Summer, out for Autumn, hold for Winter. It grounds and reconnects us with the rhythms and cycles of nature, with which we are one. 

This is where reconnecting with your true nature & healing begins.

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In addition to women's health & body literacy, I specialize in chronic pain management. I spent a year on research at the LA County Department of Health Services supporting the Integrative Medicine Health Coach Training Program for Chronic Pain Management. There, we trained DHS practitioners on evidence-informed modalities, including acupressure, tai chi, stress reduction techniques, and coaching skills for chronic pain support groups. Knowing that these skills empower practitioners and their patients with non-pharmacological tools for pain management has been incredibly rewarding.

Outside of my practice, I am an East-West acupuncturist fellow (2021-2023) at the UCLA Center for East West Medicine where I help develop integrative medicine training programs. I am also pursuing my Doctorate in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM) with a specialization in Women's Health (2023-2025). My research interests include the role of Integrative Medicine in the early detection and treatment of uterine fibroids.

During my free time, you'll find me out in nature any chance I get --  skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, biking with our adventure pom, Bear. A Seattle native, I love that living in LA means access to the sunny desert, snowy mountains, or being out on the water are all within reach!



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